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Polyrole Light Shine Extra (PLS) Car Dashboard Polish Concentrate

Polyrole Light Shine Extra (PLS) Car Dashboard Polish Concentrate

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PoLyrole Light Shine ( PLS)1000 ML
Professional product for polishing dashboards, unpainted bumpers, tires, for cleaning and polishing leather, wood, vinyl, plastic and rubber. It retains its original color, leaves no greasy spots, prevents dust settling, gives a matte shine. The product has a pleasant aroma. In its pure form, it can be used as a leather cleaner-conditioner. Method of application: dilute the polish with water in the rate of 1:1 , 1:2 ( matte) or use in concentrated form. Apply to the surface using a spray or sponge and spread evenly on the surface in a circular motion.

Precautions:Wear gloves and work in well-ventilated area. Avoid applying under sunlight or hot surface to prevent streaking. Keep away from children and pets. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention.

Storage condition: Store in cool, dry place, away from sunlight & extreme temps. Seal bottle tightly after use. 

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