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Instant Ceramic & Anti-Rain Glass Coating Kit

Instant Ceramic & Anti-Rain Glass Coating Kit

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Introducing the Swarn Grass Car Care Kit, featuring our top-tier Microfibres and cutting-edge Instant Ceramic & Anti-Rain Glass Coating Kit. Elevate your car care routine to professional standards and ensure road safety, rain or shine.

Experience a revolution in car care with INSTANT CERAMIC by Swarn Grass. This DIY Ceramic Spray combines advanced ceramic technology with easy application, enabling car enthusiasts and everyday drivers to achieve a professional-grade ceramic coating effortlessly. Revel in unparalleled water repellency, UV protection, and a long-lasting, dazzling shine. The effects of this ceramic spray last up to an impressive 180 days, providing optimal protection and aesthetics.

Ensure road safety in adverse weather conditions with our hydrophobic glass coating. This innovative formula creates a water and dirt-repellent invisible film on glass surfaces, enhancing visibility and protection against icing. Application is simple, and the coating remains resistant to mechanical and chemical effects, serving you up to 180 days. Trust in Swarn Grass for a safer and clearer journey.

*Swarn Grass Microfibres:* SET OF 3
Our 30 x 40 cm microfiber cloths are meticulously designed with a density of 250 GSM for superior performance. These ultra-soft, highly absorbent cloths effortlessly lift and trap dust, dirt, and grime, leaving your vehicle immaculately clean and streak-free. Gentle on surfaces, these microfibers provide a scratch-free detailing experience, making car maintenance a breeze for both automotive and household needs.

Invest in the Swarn Grass Car Care Kit and let your vehicle shine with unmatched brilliance and protection. Trust in the performance and expertise of Swarn Grass to elevate your car care routine.

Precautions:Wear gloves and work in well-ventilated area. Avoid applying under sunlight or hot surface to prevent streaking. Keep away from children and pets. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention.

Storage condition: Store in cool, dry place, away from sunlight & extreme temps. Seal bottle tightly after use.

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